Preston Companies

Preston Companies

Preston Storage is a partner in the group of Preston Companies.  Like our partners, we strive to provide suitable and affordable solutions to our customers.

Preston Hire Group (Preston Companies)

Preston Hire Group is a leader in the Australian Construction sector. The Preston Hire Group is proud of their history, people and the services they provide. Established in 1969, the Preston Hire Group has seen a great deal of change in the industry, yet one thing has always remained the same: hard work and attention to detail to get the job done and done well.

We specialize in the provision of specialist construction equipment hire, support and services to the Australian construction sector. We are proud of our history and our people. We have built a reputation to deliver trusted and reliable customer assistance.

Our aim is to deliver on our client’s needs by working hard, paying attention to detail and to get the job done well. Our customers can always count on us to offer the right advice and quality equipment from start to end of there projects.

Preston Rentals (Preston Companies)  

Preston Rentals is a construction rental business providing specialized materials handling solutions servicing North America. Our products include a patented Superdeck Retractable Loading Platform System that is used for moving construction materials to and from the construction floors safely and efficiently.

Preston USA

Preston Storage (Preston Companies)        

Preston Storage provide standard storage solutions, whether you are looking for a roller door to store you valuables or for a shipping container, we can help!

Preston Superbox     

At Preston Superbox, we believe doing things your way to save! Our versatile and lightweight superbox cater for two to three bedroom houses.

Whatever your needs are, we can offer the solution, call us today to discuss

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