Annie Foster, School Teacher

Annie Foster works as a teacher at a local school in Rochedale, Brisbane. After Easter this year, she was taking down the decorations in her Grade Two classroom and realised what a waste it was to throw all the decorations out.

Over the last couple of years, Annie had been buying Christmas trees, Halloween decorations and sporting posters – then throwing them away once the events were over. Each semester, she’d fill the classroom with dinosaur or storybook themes, depending what her students where learning about, and then have to find space in the school’s storage room until she could bring them out again next year. This year, the solution finally dawned upon her – use self storage.

She decided to look into the self storage options available to her. Having a place to store her classroom items would be a great alternative to squashing them in storage cupboards at school, where they were frequently being thrown out or broken. Preston Storage at Underwood was the best local option she found.

“I didn’t want to spend too much money on something that was just going to make my job a little bit easier,” Annie said.

“Preston Storage offered really cheap self storage. When I considered how much money I’d wasted in throwing out the decorations, compared to the price I would pay for a storage unit with Preston Storage, my mind was already made up.”

Transporting things from her storage unit to her classroom before each term has made Annie’s job much easier.

“Economically speaking, it’s been a fantastic decision,” she said.