Moving can be daunting, create a Inventory

list, icon, instagram In a previous post here, I talked about the ways you can create a Inventory List when you are planning to move or store your valuables in one of our units.

Moving or storing can be very stressful so it is always a good idea to plan your move well ahead.

Here is a list of things you can do to make it easier and move without any added stress:

Eight Weeks before the move:

  • Sort and clean – go through all the items in your house, decide what to keep and discard the rest.  Categorize your items and start your inventory list;
  • Create a file that will contain everything to do with the move, include the list of your items, moving or storage quotes, invoices and payment receipts;
  • Managing school records – if you are not moving into the same neighbour hood or need to change your children’s schools, now is the time to get the application in and move their records to the new school;
  • Investigate your moving or storing options – research moving or storing companies and obtain written quotes.  Compare which company will safe you money, don’t go for first in best dressed, a good way is to look at testimonials on the company webpage or even Google.

Six weeks before the move

  • Start getting your packing supplies together, you will need boxes, tape, permanent markers, labels and bubble wrap;
  • Start consuming or using the food you don’t want to move, frozen or perishable foods and cleaning supplies.  You are prohibited from storing frozen, perishable or flammable items in a storage unit, so if you are intending to store, use these items or give them away, keeping only the necessities until you move and then discard;
  • Now is the time to go look at your new home or the storage unit making sure that everything you are taking along with you will fit;

Four weeks before the move  

  • Now is the time to select the moving or storing company and get a confirmation from them on the dates you will be moving;
  • Start your packing and labeling – because you have already sorted your valuables, start by packing the things that you are unlikely to use.  Separate the things that need extra care or special packing.  Label each box with the contents and do not forget to add the specific room.  Duplicate the information on the label onto your Inventory list.
  • Notify your service providers of either your intention to move out and have the services end (in cases of storing) or change the service delivery address to your new destination.  Ensure you specify a date of transfer.

Two weeks before the move

  • Notify your employer formally of your intention to take the day of the move off;
  • Reconfirm with the storage facility or moving company to ensure your dates are locked in;
  • Book a cleaner to spring clean the house after the move, the last thing you want is the new occupants to move into a dirty house.retro, vintage, lady

Week before the move

  • Pack all the clothes you won’t need ensuring that everyone in the family has enough clothes to last them a couple of days after the move and for the time before the move;
  • If you are going to store your belongings, ensure that you have mothballs between your clothes, you never know what nitty gritties may come along to eat away at your clothes.  It is a good idea to purchase vacuum bags to store your clothes in, not only does it safe space, but it will also help against the onslaught of the environment;
  • Manage medication prescriptions – ensure that your prescriptions are filled or store your prescriptions to be filled in a safe place where you can easily find it.

Few days before

  • Defrost the freezer, make sure it is empty, defrosted and cleaned at least 24 hours before the moving day;
  • Make sure the removalist or storing facility and the cleaner is paid and plan some refreshments for the day of the move.

On the moving day:

  • Check your inventory list as the removalist load and unload the truck.


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