Portable Storage Tips and Hints

Standard Self Storage – A few things to keep in mind once you’ve decided to use Preston Storage for your storage needs.

Packing materials: 
Use proper packing boxes and packing paper.  Packing boxes can be stacked easily inside the unit and will in the long run save a lot of space.  Use packing paper to protect breakables, remember to mark your boxes clearly so you can be found easily.

Organise with labels
Your storage rental might last much longer than you intended, and if you find yourself having to hunt through the storage box, it will be much easier if it’s been neatly organised with packing materials and labels.

Protect your storage
Use bubble wrap, packing paper – anything you can to help protect your breakables. Fill boxes to top, and make sure heavy items are packed in smaller boxes. Mark fragile, heavy and breakable boxes clearly, so you don’t forget.

Electronic systems:

Pack electronic systems like televisions and sound systems in their original boxes where possible, to keep them safe. If you don’t have the original boxes, ensure that when you stack your unit it is secured.
Refer to the manual or check with a retailer if you intend to keep your computer in the storage box for longer than six months. Remove the batteries from remotes to prevent leakages, and tape electrical cords to the sides of appliances.

Pack efficiently:

Large and heavy first
Keep large items and heavy boxes in the back of the unit and on the bottom. This will make it easier to stack smaller items in and around them. Ensure you keep heavier items in smaller boxes, to make them easier to carry.  Ensure that your packing box is securely taped at the bottom BEFORE you start to fill the box.
Fill boxes to the top so they don’t tip or collapse. Pack everything you can into boxes to make it easier to stack inside the storage box. Remember to remove lamps from lampshades and legs from furniture where possible, to make the boxes easier to pack.

Prepare the furniture

Clean thoroughly
Dining tables, chairs and anything that might still have food on them should be well cleaned and vacuumed, to ensure no vermin will be attracted to your storage unit. Mattresses or covered furniture should be covered with plastic, or a proper furniture cover, to prevent them from getting too dusty.

Fridges, freezers, dishwashers and washing machines need to be completely drained of water before going into storage. The fridge and freezer should be cleaned thoroughly as well, and absolutely no food should be left inside for the duration of the storage rental. It’s a good idea to keep the door of the fridge and freezer ajar as well, otherwise nasty odours are often generated over a long storage rental.

It is always best to plan ahead prior to commencing storing or packing.  Make a decision on which company you will use for your storage needs.  Plan approximately how many boxes you will need and get rid of clutter.  Label everything, and keep a list of everything you keep in the storage box, to make it easy to keep track.