Zach Manford, Film Enthusiast

storageZach Manford is studying a Bachelor of Multimedia at Griffith University’s Nathan campus in Brisbane.   His dream was to start a career in advertising after his graduation, but his biggest passion is for film. On the holidays, he was able to indulge in this hobby, often creating short films with friends completely from scratch, and then entering into competitions.

He lives in a fairly small share house in Eight Mile Plains.  The equipment he needs to sustain his film hobby took up a lot of space and his housemates were getting a little annoyed with him.    A friend suggested he consider hiring a storage unit for all his equipment.


“To be honest, at first I thought it was fairly unlikely as it might be costly to uphold,” Zach said.

When his friends heard about it, they jumped on board. Having a space in which they could store their film equipment was a fantastic idea. Once they pooled their resources, Zach realized it might work.

“Then we found Preston Storage, and saw how cheap their storage facilities were,” Zach said.

“The storage unit was the perfect solution. Price was my main concern. Once the others were in, putting in the money, and with Preston’s cheap prices, it all just came together.”

“Now we use the storage unit for everything. Props, costumes – we’ve even used it as a set once. It’s been great.”